There was a little prince who was soon turning four All he wanted was a small Party, a fancy Cake and nothing more His mother looked here, there and felt a bit disappointed She couldn’t find a cake that the little boy demanded

A day to go for the party, she gathered some confidence Put on her apron and summoned the Ingredients She mixed them with immense love, care and precision As soon as it was ready, she knew it was her best decision

The party was over but the praises for the cake didn’t stop to pour Soon she had orders to craft masterpieces out of flour Her kitchen became her kingdom and the equipment her soldiers She solely took it upon her to dish out magnificence and grandeur

Everything from her kitchen was simply loved She knew her hands looked best when they were gloved Her joy knew no bound, as she had it simply found She simply baked perfection, that was simply to astound

Everything she made was perfectly nutritious And very very delicious, Simply Delicious!

“She discovered she could have her cake and eat it too.
All she needed to do was put on a pretty apron and bake it!”

Baking is an art, that too an intricate one. Rajashree Jangle, the soul of ‘Simply Delicious’ has over 25 years, mastered this art with exquisite ‘hand-me-down’ recipes and incessantly experimenting with them. She fueled her passion and carved a path for herself out of something she loved, understood and knew very well.

Her degree in Economics from the Mumbai University came of use when she decided to incept ‘Simply Delicious’ with her first outlet on 28th April 1991. Today, with an independent, fully equipped Production Unit and an experienced, efficient Team, it’s a legacy that ensures everything baked, cooked, packaged and delivered remains ‘Simply Delicious’.